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The sugar commission report has implicated Pakistan’s sugar industry in what in many civilised countries would be considered a crime worthy of severe penalties and jail terms.The charges include.

Source says govt intends to collaborate with private enterprises on some portions of railways track–CDWP approves 13.

Estrogen level fluctuations appear to play a role in alcohol use disorder in women. Reducing the number of estrogen receptors.

The red sea urchin, Mesocentrotus franciscanus, is one the earth’s longest-lived animals, reported to live more than 100.

For Liberian-American Writer Wayétu Moore, Home Is a Story of Civil War and Straddling Cultures – I knew that the story I needed to write was not just what had happened in Liberia, but very much that negotiation of identity.

The Chinese-funded mega railway project was deferred in the CDWP meeting held in April due to the ministry’s insistence to.

When Satta Puliga arrived, Alfa Romeo was producing every single mechanical part at its.

In 1953 he appointed Leonardo.

Prince Boateng’s wife Melissa Satta has attracted massive attention on social media after she released a stunning bikini.

But 5-year-old Tutu’s Mam isn’t dead; she’s in America, studying at Columbia University on a Fulbright scholarship. She calls.

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