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30-10-2019  · The largest red light area of Asia is ‘Sonagachi’, situated in Kolkata, India. This area itself gives shelter to 11,000 sex workers. This area itself gives shelter to 11,000 sex workers.

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Photo by Jon Gresham. This story from The Times of India is about Sonagachi, a very large red-light district in Kolkata, India, and home to the Sonagachi sex workers’ cooperative. Like the story from Malaysia the other day, this one gives financial details on how a commercial sex economy works and adapts to a recession. Note the complex structures and the different ways workers.

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Sonagachi Rate Per Night – ma Sonagachi – Image #150 Sonagachi Rate Per Night: pin. Asia Biggest Kolkata Sonagachi Red light area (Night Kolkata Asia Biggest Kolkata Sonagachi Red light area (Night Kolkata) pin. India: My life in the ‘red lights’ of Sonagachi: pin. Inside Sonagachi, Asia’s largest red light district with hundreds Sex workers: ‘Rani’ applies lip gloss at her room before.

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