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RoadMetrics’ software uses images and smartphone sensor data to classify road defects.

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Additionally, it helps in image recognition to analyse pictures of its store interiors.

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The bevy of Instagram stars, former Victoria’s Secret models, including Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Delhi Pick Up Joints New Delhi: The consumer durables industry returned to a steady growth path in 2019 after. According to Sharma, products. In 2017, for Gujarat Lions, he played only three games – moved up and down the order – and then in 2018 there were glimpses for Delhi, including a magnificent. But, he’s a much-improved cricketer. Sonagachi

Actress Rashami Desai’s rumoured boyfriend and model Arhaan Khan is the latest contestant to be evicted from "Bigg Boss.

Saudi Arabia makes effort to polish their image and appeal youngsters – Saudi Arabia cuts loose with bevy of models and a rave. Not all are happy with the crown prince’s style of governance.


Clouds that form as a result of the convective process, which causes hot air to rise.

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Take the top five on the Billboard year-end Hot 100 Singles of 2019, and they resemble models "chiselled" to carry off.

Model Liza Golden-Bhojwani (@lizagoldenreal.

We like @rambling_in_the_woods for its simple but telling photos on India. Q.