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You will see the buses lined up, any day of the week, with hordes of hapless Chinese tourists being guided through these.

The Bengali slow cooked goat meat dish which I make in the pressure cooker.

Beautifully balanced in flavours. A bit tangy,

From heartbreaks to stress management, cups of hot tea can somehow quell pain and bring in a surge of relief that is.


During the last 10 years, the proportion of the Assamese speaking people has gone down by 0.5%, while the Bengali speaking.

A generation of working class white boys into prisoners of their own ignorance – Children from Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, black African and Chinese all achieved grades.

And girls achieve more.

Below are some of the stories produced by the Global Voices South Asia team in 2019.

of media ownership in a few hands in.

The nightly parties, including New Years Eve, are being held on Patong Beach at a specially erected sound stage at the end of.

He made the devastated locality of Rana Plaza (the eight-story garment manufacturing plant, which imploding in the.